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Natural Run Form Clinics

Do you ever feel like you weren’t “Born  to Run?”   Have you tried everything you can think of and you can’t get rid of those shin splints?  While proper footwear is key, it could also be a form thing.  Good shoes won’t necessarily remedy a biomechanical deficiency.  Newton Natural Running™ Coaching is a great resource to learn good running form. This includes technique and drills to reinforce efficient  form.  Philip has been trained as a Newton Natural Running™ coach.   He’s offering a series of natural run form clinics at the store on Saturday mornings at 8:30am.  We’re going to keep them small to allow for sufficient personal attention, so call or stop by the store  to reserve a spot.


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Group Runs from the store

At Tulsa Runner we don’t do formal training classes. We just run. We’re not the biggest group on the trail, and that is fine with us. If you want a group to run with, but you don’t want to feel like you’re in a parade on the running trail, check us out some time.

  • Wednesday – If it’s Wednesday we’re most likely running 6 miles at 6pm
  • Saturday – Weekly long run.  We’re on SUMMER running hours now, so start time is 6:30am.  You might want to call the store or email Trani to confirm start time and distance planned if you’re not a regular.

Help Wanted

Help Wanted!

We’re looking for a part-time bookkeeper/office manager.  Proficiency with QuickBooks would be a huge plus.  Willingness to help out on the retail floor also a plus.  Scheduling flexibility and willingness to put up with bad jokes essential.  Being a runner would be nice.  Fifteen to 20 hours per week.

Tulsa Runners around the globe….

Here’s Cathy Essley taking a break during the Great Wall Half Marathon.  As she said, it’s not your typical half marathon, but then why would you expect it to be?

Tulsa Runners around the globe….


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Have questions for the experts at Tulsa Runner? Or just want to get in touch to say “Hello”? email us here.

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Store information

At the intersection of the River Parks and Creek Turnpike trails at 97th and Riverside, we’re proud to be Tulsa’s Friendly Neighborhood Running Store.

9708 Riverside PKWY
Tulsa, OK  74137

Store hours:
Mon – Fri 10am-7pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 1pm-5pm




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